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3.01 Salary Schedules8.01 Salary Schedule
3.02 Evaluation8.02 Evaluation
3.03 Evaluation by Relatives8.03 Evaluation by Relative
3.04 Reduction in Force8.04 Drug Testing
3.05 Contract Return8.05 Sick Leave
3.06 Training8.05A Extended Sick Leave
3.06A AEA Staff Development Sessions8.05B HIV AIDS
3.07 Drug Testing8.06 Sick Leave Bank
3.08 Sick Leave8.06B Sick Leave Sharing
3.08A Extended Sick Leave8.07 Personal and Professional Leave
3.08B Sick Leave Sharing8.07A Personal Bereavement Leave
3.08C Human Immunodeficiency Virus8.08 Dealing with Sex Offenders
3.09 Sick Leave Bank8.09 Public Office
3.10 Planning Time8.10 Jury Duty
3.11 Personal Leave8.11 Compensatory Time
3.11A Bereavement8.11.1 Time Schedule
3.12 Dealing with Sex Offenders8.12 Outside Employment
3.12A Felonies Acts and Laws8.12A Solicitations
3.12B Violation of a Minor8.13 Employment
3.13 Public Office8.13A Cobra
3.14 Jury Duty8.13B Compliance Notice
3.15 Leave – Injury from Assault8.13C Criminal Background Checks
3.16 Reimbursement for Purchase of Supplies8.13D Military Leave Benefits
3.17 Insult or Abuse8.13E Paid Holidays
3.18 Outside Employment8.13F Protection
3.18A Solicitations8.13G Retirement
3.19 Employment8.13H Salary Deductions
3.19A Cobra8.13I Vacation Time
3.19B Compliance Notice8.14 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses
3.19C Criminal Background Checks8.15 Tobacco Use
3.19D Current and Former Job Information8.16 Dress
3.19E General Section Policies8.17 Political Activity
3.19F Goals and Objectives8.17A Participation in Community Activities
3.19G Job Description8.18 Debts
3.19H Military Leave8.19 Grievances
3.19I Minority Recruitment Plan8.19A Grievance Title Discrimination
3.19J Personnel Policies Committee8.20 Sexual Harassment
3.19K Probation8.21 Supervision of Students
3.19L Promotion8.22 Computer Use
3.19M Protection8.22A Internet Use
3.19N Records8.23 Family Medical Leave
3.19O Reemployment
3.19P Resignations8.24 School Bus Driver's Use of Cell Phone
3.19Q Sabbatical Leave
8.25 Personnel Cell Phone Use
3.19R Salary Deductions
8.26 Personnel Governing Bullying
3.19S Staff Student Relations8.27 Injury from Assault
3.19T Time Schedule and Lunch Period8.28 Drug Free Workplace
3.19U Transfer8.29 Personnel Video Surveillance
3.20 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses8.30 Reduction in Force
3.21 Tobacco Use8.31 Termination and Non-Renewal
3.22 Dress of Licensed Personnel8.32 Assignments
3.23 Political Activity8.33 School Calendar
3.23A Participation in Community Activities8.34 Mandatory Reporters Duty to Report Child Abuse
3.24 Debts8.36 Classified Personnel Workplace Injuries and Workers Compensation
3.25 Grievances8.40 Classified Personnel Weapons on Campus
3.25A Grievance Title Discrimination8.41 Classified Personnel Health Care Coverage Reporting
3.26 Sexual Harassment8.41F Classified Personnel Health Care Coverage and TIN Report Form
3.27 Supervision of Students8.42 Classified Personnel Bus Driver End of Route/Trip Review
3.28 Computer Use
3.28A Internet Use
3.29 School Calendar
3.30 Parent-Teacher Communication
3.31 Drug Free Workplace
3.32 Family Medical Leave
3.32A Worker's Compensation
3.33 Assignment of Extra Duties
3.34 Cell Phone Use
3.35 Benefits
3.36 Dismissal and Non-Renewal
3.37 Assignment of Teacher Aides
3.38 Governing Bullying
3.39 Records and Reports
3.40 Duty to Report Child Abuse, Maltreatment, or Neglect
3.41 Personnel Video Surveillance
3.44 Licensed Personnel Workplace Injuries and Workers Compensation
3.45 Social Networking and Ethics
3.48 Licensed Personnel Weapons on Campus
3.50 Administrator Evaluator Certification
3.52 Licensed Personnel Health Care Coverage Reporting
3.52F Licensed Personnel Health Care Coverage and TIN Report Form
3.53 Licensed Personnel Bus Driver End of Route/Trip Review