Fiscal PoliceS

Accounting and Reporting

Activity Account

Admissions, Gate Receipts and Concessions - Revenues

Annual School Budget


Authorized Signatures - Expenditures of Funds

Bids and Quotations - Purchasing

Bonded Employees

Bond Sales - Revenues

Budget Planning Involvement - Finance

Commodities Bidders Affidavit

Compliance with Fiscal Responsibility and Management Laws

Contracting of Bills

Current Expenditures Tax

Damanges - Revenues

Depository of Funds


Disposal of Property

Distribution of Funds

Electronic Funds Transfer

Expenditure of Funds

Expense Reimbursement

Federal Aid Revenues


Financial Reports and Statements - Accounting and Reporting

Fiscal Management - Goals and Objectives

Fiscal Year


Inventories - Accounting and Reporting

Investment Earnings

Millage Rate

Naming of School Facilities

Payroll Procedures and Salary Deductions

Periodic Budget Reconciliation and Changes

Personal Property

Property and Equipment Sales - Revenues

Public Use of School Buildings

Purchases and Procurement

Purchasing Authority

Recycling by the School District

Refunding Bonds

Requisitions - Purchasing


Revolving Loan Fund

State Aid Revenues

Substitute Teachers

Transportation Aid

Use of District Cell Phones and Computers

Vendor Relations - Purchasing