Letter to parents, students, staff, and all of our Yellowjacket family.
2 months ago, Kenneth Moore
Free COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
3 months ago, Janet Smith
Vaccine Clinic
Dear Parents & Guardians we are glad to say that the State Board of Education has approved our digital learning plan. We will have open enrollment through August 4th by 3:30pm, with a mandatory orientation on August 5th from 6:00-7:00 pm in the auditorium. The orientation will include the district as well as the virtual learning expectations. Once orientation is completed the school, parents, and student will sign a contract to be enrolled. If for any reason you cannot come to orientation on August 5th, you must contact you Childs building level principal to set up a 1-on-1 orientation. Enrollment must take place in person with each building level principal. We look forward to serving your child and providing them the best education possible. Please reach out to us if you have any questions! WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE ALL OUR JACKETS!
3 months ago, Kenneth Moore
Thank you Hays Food Town for honoring our all “A” students.
5 months ago, Schunda Murphy
All “A” students
Thank you Mrs. Byassee for the cake donation.
Military Child Day (purple attire)
6 months ago, Schunda Murphy
celebrating a military teen today.
WJHS Art classes turned stick figures into 3D motion figures.
6 months ago, Schunda Murphy
Find the different movements. Thank you Mrs. Taurone for your creative planning!
people on motion
Parts of Speech BINGO.
8 months ago, Schunda Murphy
Parts of speech BINGO
Congratulations to students that improved on their scores from Fall to Winter!
8 months ago, Schunda Murphy
students excelling each season.
Salt paintings
8 months ago, Schunda Murphy
student create dot art with salt
students create unique art
student use watercolor with salt
Counselor’s Week: Thank you Mrs. Spencer
9 months ago, Schunda Murphy
National Counselor’s Week
The Art of Shading
9 months ago, Schunda Murphy
Student create various shapes with shading techniques.
Students engaged in interactive board activity.
9 months ago, Schunda Murphy
Gerund activity
WJHS picture retake ends at 10:00 today.
12 months ago, Schunda Murphy